By Stanley T. Westfall 27 Oct, 2017
Jamaican music is indeed something else. It takes its audience to the tropics, the island's sparkling waters, white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, warm climate and laid back life. At the same time, Jamaican music fills the soul with a certain sense of struggle.

Sometime in the 18th century, the English colonizers brought African slaves to Jamaica, who found freedom solely in music. This spirit of the struggle found its way to Jamaican folk music, which has spawned various musical genres like reggae.

Until today, a trip to Jamaica will take you to the heart of reggae. The truth is Jamaica is a melting pot of musical influence from the neighboring Caribbean islands and the country's Western colonizers.

Ska, for one, traces its roots in Jamaican folk music. From ska, reggae emerged. With some hint of jazz and rhythm and blues, reggae was brought to the mainstream and rose to popularity. Although the country suffers the woes of a developing nation, it is in music, culture and history that Jamaica finds its pride.

Undoubtedly, one of the most celebrated reggae artists was Bob Marley, who was born in Jamaica but later made a name for himself in the United States. In the course of his career, Marley established a very strong fan base and produced platinum-selling albums with hit songs like "No woman, no cry," "Redemption Song," "Red, Red Wine" and "I Shot the Sheriff."

The Jamaican flag sways to the groove of reggae, and images of Bob Marley strumming his guitar follow. If a week of living the reggae life sounds like your kind of fun, then Jamaica should be your next destination.

Nadel Paris has an amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her. Nadel is not just an amazing vocalist; she is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter and a screenwriter.

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By Stanley T. Westfall 24 Oct, 2017

The professional title of producer is one of the most commonly misused titles in the music industry. This article will cover the three different types of music producers discussed by Nadel Paris as well as the roles they play within the music industry and inside the recording studio.


What A Producer Isn't?


A producer isn't a musician that makes his or her own music. The proper title for this position would be a musician, plain and simple. Producers also tend to work with a team of recording professionals, industry executives and reliable musicians to complete a recording project. Because the skills involved in managing a recording project take time to learn and are very demanding, someone who works on their own to create music isn't typically considered a producer. The title of producer is often wrongfully associated with the roles of songwriters and general musicians.


Executive Producer


An executive producer is generally the person that funds the recording project. Executive producers also ultimately determine the direction of the recording project and carefully maintain the relationship between the artists or bands involved in the project and the record label that oversees the completion of the project. Executive producers essentially maintain the bridge between the record label and the recording artists as well as make sure that the project makes sense financially from a business perspective and a creative perspective.


Music Producer


A music producer typically spends a majority of their time creating or arranging music for the recording project. Music producers usually have a strong background in music theory and occasionally have degrees in music theory or music composition from established universities and colleges. Another job of the music producer is to make sure that the music within the recording project is of the highest possible quality and that the musicians involved in the project are making the best music they possibly can. Sometimes music producers are also given the task of maintaining communication between the artists and the record label executives, which is often a task that is more difficult than a lot of people within the music industry realize.


Engineering Producer


The engineering producer understands the technical aspects of the recording studio more than the other two types of producers. Engineering producers know how to work the recording console, setup the microphones for recording, use the recording software efficiently and effectively, and keep the recording project organized. A lot of engineering producers start out as either mixing engineers or assistant engineers to record label producers. They also tend to understand the technical aspects of recording and what it takes to make the music sound great from an engineer's perspective.


Nadel Paris is a singer, music producer, songwriter, dancer, and recording artist. Her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, and Urban

She is also an actor, an acting coach and the owner of the leading acting institution in personal growth for children.

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By Stanley T. Westfall 16 Sep, 2017
Are you a great singer? Or do you aspire to be? There are many reasons to sing, the most well known of which is fame and fortune, but there are also many physical health benefits of singing which are arguably more important.

First and foremost, singing can reduce stress levels. And it is common knowledge that stress is a precursor of many common illnesses, and can even perpetuate them. One terrible thing about stress is that it commonly has the effect of propagating itself, which means it can easily lead to a way of life. Once one thing causes mental stress, it can alter your perspective so that you see things more negatively, which increases stress further. That's why limiting stress is so important, and singing can definitely do that for you. Singing has been linked to lowering blood pressure, which effectively reduces anxiety, and empowers you to manage your stress and stay in control of your outlook. This in turn leads to increased energy level, improved mood, and even your ability to think clearly!

The second important health benefit of singing is the effect it has on your lungs, and consequently your entire body. Singing increases your lung capacity, which magnifies your blood's oxygenation. Lack of oxygen in the blood can cause poor circulation, fatigue, and disorientation. On the other hand, ample blood oxygen exercises the lymphatic system, and clears sinus and respiratory tubes. In addition, singing naturally improves posture, tightens your stomach muscles, and also improves your breathing pattern. These are all great contributions to your physical health.

As you can see, the health benefits of singing are tremendous, and perhaps the most significant of all is the fact that singing can extend your life expectancy. How does singing do this? Well, it's really a culmination of the other health benefits of singing. By releasing endorphins, the brain's feel good chemicals, singing makes you feel good naturally. At the same time it reduces stress by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol by up to 25%. Scientists with the British Medical Journal proved that the vibrations in a singer's throat send a signal to the brain that is responsible for both chemical effects. Then, combined with strengthened stomach, lung, throat, and mouth muscles, and improved posture, blood oxygen, and circulation, it's easy to see why singing is so beneficial.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban ...etc. Nadel Paris has a warm very distinct sound, amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her.
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You may want to concentrate on pop music. Singing lessons are available for every genre. However, all singers no matter what genre they sing all have to go through the same basic singing lessons in order to build a strong foundation. All singers have to know how to warmup. They are all taught the exercises used to gradually stretch their vocal chords in order to prevent damaging their voice. All singers have to learn how to breathe when singing in order to sound professional. Each and every singer must exercise in order to strengthen their diaphragm and the surrounding muscles. All singers have to practice, practice, and practice.


There is no way fast way round building a solid foundation for singing. In fact, this is so important that it is connected to whether you succeed or not. There are people who are convinced their voice suits a specific genre. Unfortunately, no matter how much they may love this genre of music they may be better with a different genre. When you take singing lessons you must ask your teacher to analyze your voice. He or she can give a professional opinion as to whether you should concentrate on pop or not. It could save you a lot of time if you know where your strengths are.


Pop is a genre that is enjoyed by most people whether they sing or listen. If your voice is right for pop music, singing lessons will show which range is right for you. You will also need to be taught how to interpret the songs you sing. This is done with your voice and also with your eyes, expression, body and hands. Pop may be a light genre but it also requires proper interpretation for the songs to be appreciated and enjoyed. Usually a singing course will allow you to try out many genres.


Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban ...etc.

She is also an actor, an acting coach, a film/TV producer and the owner of the leading acting institution in personal growth for children. For year Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children.

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Internet serves as the best tool to gain insight into several things. Just like you can conduct research for your school project online, you can also get lots of information about the entertainment industry, religion, finance, politics and everything that you read and watch through other mediums of communication. The music industry does not lag behind in this race and you can see a visibly stunning amount of literature and resources available at music forums to help the aspiring musicians.

These music forums are administered under the guidance of some of the best musicians who are willing to help out the budding musicians to create innovative music. The best part of these music forums is that young musicians from all parts of the world can participate and share their knowledge and art with others. Music is discussed and improvised together by the young musicians and established musicians to create a stimulating piece of music. The recognized musicians also help these budding musicians by providing resources like vocal software and hardware that smartens up the music completely.

In these music forums, the young musicians can find lots of useful tips, resources, and ideas from other artists who have established themselves through such forums. Besides these resources, the musicians get the chance to become actively involved in the music community and get great insight into several music genres. Also, since these communities serve musicians from all parts of the world, there is a great way to gain insight about the heritage of music of other countries. For example, the folk music has recently been a source of inspiration for many musicians and they have composed inspirational music, amalgamating the folk and urban music in their albums.

Also, there is a lot of competition going on in the music industry, which is an encouraging element for many aspiring musicians who want to make it big soon. The established musicians at the music forums provide opportunities to these young and talented musicians to build careers in the music industry.

While making the most of the music forums, the musicians should keep in mind certain things. Firstly, they should use these forums as a creative tool and a platform to learn new things. They should seek out ways to learn by interacting with other musicians and seniors. And most importantly, they should not cause any harm to the forum and its resources and other musicians at the forum. The discussions should be free of spam and useless posts, whereas the musicians should keep their profiles and posts informative, well-organized and uncluttered so it is easy to go through them.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban ...etc. Nadel Paris has a warm very distinct sound, amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her.
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Pop music or mainstream music is a genre that has always been close to the heart of music loving audience. The type of music that is considered pop today is not the same type that was considered popular a few decades ago.

Popular music started from the type that we now consider as classical music. Sometime later after that, there was a considerable development in the field of pop music. At one point the music that was under the genre "pop" are sentimental ballads. This included gospel and praise songs. Jazz and country songs also became popular and were considered mainstream. Another type was hip hop and was seen as music for the masses as well as for teens and young adults. Dance and electronic music also had their share of fame.

As music can be viewed as an item that can help fuel their own industry, they needed to connect closer to the masses and the most people of the world. This is how pop music came into being. From the poor masses, the middle class individuals and to the elites, this type of music became interesting to them. As there is great interest that is given to it, pop music was able to create more jobs for recording artists, composers, publishers and a lot more.

The invention of the microphone, the improvement in its design and the capability of 45 rpm changed the way music has been transmitted through radios and records. And a few decades after, the television became the most popular technological advancement in terms of media. Not only are the pop artists heard, they are also seen on TV. Their talents were taken to another level. After the television's invention, multi track records and digital versions of music took the scene. This even upped the way people listen to music and the degree by which they can access it.

In the mid 20th century, popular music was mostly the field of American recording artists. The two most famous artists at that time were Michael Jackson and Madonna and were dubbed as the King of Pop and the Queen of Pop, respectively. There were also British artists or artists with British influences who made it in the mainstream music scene.

Later on, different artists from different regions in the world emerged and were known internationally. This is where pop music started to create a monoculture of sorts for all of us. Also, for each of these regions, there are certain influences that are considered pop. They might be different from one region to another but the worldwide trends converge into the same definition.

Another situation was seen that the most parts of the world's music were influenced by Western pop. From America and Europe, the trend spread to other parts of the world. It can also be that the specific regions gave their own music their own flavor and cultivated it. Today, pop music has grown and is still the most loved music style by a lot of people.

Nadel Paris a recording artist, music producer, songwriter, dancer, and an actor. Born in Paris France to two loving parents, her mother, a Christian Dior model and father a psychotherapist, she was born to be creative.
Her passion for music was obvious choice for her, as she immersed herself in American pop music at an early age. She often works along side her producing and DJ partner Dario M.

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By Stanley T. Westfall 22 Aug, 2017
Screenwriting is very much different from other types of literary works. It is all about technicalities, a good plot and an interesting dialogue rolled into one. Absence of one will bring your work to trash regardless of how one element or two elements are perfectly done and complied with. As such, knowledge of screenwriting format is a must.

To start with, your script has to comply with the most basic which is the technical aspect of screenwriting. Not just any font will do. Instead it has to be Courier 12-point font or none at all. Well, you just have to develop a liking for this font because you will be dealing with it for the rest of your screenwriting life.

An effective work must comply with the margins required in a screenwriting format. As such, the left margin has to be 1.5 inches while the right should be.5 inches. 1 each is required for both top and bottom. You might be wondering why the left margin is a lot wider than the right. The extra space will give more space for the brads to be inserted.

In as far as the dialogue is concerned; it has to be 2.5 inches from the left. Its width has to be 3 to 3.5 inches and must not exceed from the left by 6 inches. The character's name should also be written on top of the dialogue which should be about 3.7 inches above it. Such is the scriptwriting format to be observed. Accordingly, page numbers must be written at the upper right hand corner of each page. Spacing should be double.

Coming up with a script that conforms to the proper scriptwriting format can break or unbreak one's chances of making it good in the industry. In fact, production outfits and directors will judge your work on how you are able to comply with the proper format. One look at a script with a wrong format will only put your creativity and imagination to trash.

As such, it helps to be able to understand these technicalities. You have to practice as often as you can and have somebody critic your work every now and then. Eventually, you will just get used to scriptwriting format and its many intricacies.

Nadel Paris is a published author, recording artist, musician, music producer, and songwriter. Nadel has written numerous screenplays, but her first love is novel writing. Her expertise in young adult drama has allowed her to write captivating coming-of-age stories in both English and French. She is truly amazing at what she does. She is imaginative and keen observer which makes her a good writer.

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By Stanley T. Westfall 12 Aug, 2017
Becoming an author is not difficult these days. Internet has provided unlimited amount of space and avenues to share thoughts and ideas. Even if one does not find a publisher to get the book published and printed as a hard copy, one can easily find fame through the internet writing and later turn to publishing. But the question is not just how to be an author? It's about becoming a good author, a noticeable writer.

It is easy to become a writer if one wishes to write about a particular topic like those of sciences, sociology, history etc. as any work in a particular category is always more likely to attract attention than a general work of literature. Given the fact that people are able to devote lesser time to reading these days owing to the hectic schedules and the options of passive entertainment available cheaply, it is a challenging to task to write something captivating and unique.

The talent of the writer is not just in her or his ability to think uniquely but also to present the thoughts precisely and more importantly, interestingly. Language is one of the areas where one can work to when one asks oneself how to be a book writer? What is meant by this suggestion is to go through a few writers of the same subject and genre and analyze the use of language. This will create a very good picture about the art of book writing.

Another important aspect is the social aspect. A book is a bridge between the consciousness of the people and the mind of the writer. If one end of the bridge is not held tightly, the bridge would not be built at all o will collapse very soon. A writer's genius lies in looking through the eyes of the reader and then exchanging the position to present in an attractive way what is being expected.

Many people are left thinking about these details for too long and end up leaving the project. The best way to begin is by writing. Do not think too much. Start writing as soon as the idea flashes and have courage to burn your own drafts and improvise. Many people also like to work in a well planned and structured manner where they prepare the summary of every part of the book before going into the details.

Ms. Nadel Paris is a published author, recording artist, musician, music producer, and songwriter. Nadel has written numerous screenplays, but her first love is novel writing. Her expertise in young adult drama has allowed her to write captivating coming-of-age stories in both English and French. She is truly amazing at what she does. She is imaginative and keen observer which makes her a good writer.

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Hip hop dance music is already thirty years old. That may sound hard to believe, but it's true. The first really big hip hop song, at least according to most music writers, was "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang. When that song debuted in September of 1979, it rapidly rose to the top of the charts, and a large part of why it did so was because it sounded like nothing else on the radio. Back then, America was still caught up in the throes of disco, which wouldn't start disappearing off the radio for another year.

But after Rapper's Delight, hip hop dance music was still quite rare on the radio. It was popular for its novelty, and for its infectious tune and humorous lyrics. But it didn't really start any trends in and of itself, even though it was considered quite groundbreaking at the time.

It wouldn't be until the early 1980s that this genre of music started to get any serious play on mainstream radio station. There were a few stations in big cities such as New York and Chicago that made it part of their playlists, but they were stations with tiny audiences.

But finally, in the middle years of the 1980s, hip hop dance music started to gain traction. Part of the reason was that mainstream rock was losing its momentum, and kids were looking for the next big thing in music. America's changing demographics played a large part in the increased popularity of rap, too.

Record companies and radio stations, always keeping their eye on the bottom line, were happy to oblige the growing taste for this new kind of music. A lot of older folks hated it, and many others thought it was nothing more but a fad, but thirty years later it's still going strong.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban ...etc.
Nadel has a voice which everyone remembers the minute they hear it! She has a warm very distinct sound.
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The voice-over industry is appealing to people from all backgrounds who are looking for a way to make money, work independent of a big corporation, and use their creativity skills. There are those who would like to be actors, others just have unique voices, and there are more people who have ordinary voices who are drawn to the industry so that they can work from home.

Most professional voice actors will tell you that they never stop learning voice-over technique. While voice-over artists continue to develop their niche and hone their skills throughout their lifetimes, there are several transferable skills that musicians have that would give them a leg up on the competition before they even get started.

Musician have a great potential to become great voice-over artists for many reasons. First of all, many musicians have studied music in a way so that they understand pitch, attitude, volume and energy. While musicians employ these techniques to produce a different sound on their musical instruments or for a different style of music, the principles still apply to voice-overs. Professional voice-over artists must master those elements and know when to use more of one than the other, and even how to mix them up within a very short read.

Musicians often also have experience with technical equipment and are used to trouble shooting acoustics and sound proofing. If a voice actor can't capture a clean recording that's free of echoes and outside noises, the recording will be useless to a voice-over client. Many musicians have had some exposure to audio recording and editing programs, such as Pro Tools, which is the industry standard for the professional audio world. If a voice actor has an amazing voice but can't competently edit an audio file, then the voice actor will probably not be able to find much work. Furthermore, any skills that a musician learns to enhance their voice-over career will surely benefit their music career as well.

Musicians aren't risking anything by getting voice-over technique training. Getting into voice-overs is an easy way to supplement an income, and the best part is that most musicians wouldn't be required to buy extra equipment that they don't already have!

Nadel Paris is a songwriter, dancer and a published author. She began her professional career as a SAG/AFTRA agent and later started a successful acting school in Orange County, California. Her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban ...etc. Nadel owns a music institute and with her staff she has been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years.
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