Be A Voice Actor And A Musician

  • By Stanley T. Westfall
  • 30 Jul, 2017
The voice-over industry is appealing to people from all backgrounds who are looking for a way to make money, work independent of a big corporation, and use their creativity skills. There are those who would like to be actors, others just have unique voices, and there are more people who have ordinary voices who are drawn to the industry so that they can work from home.

Most professional voice actors will tell you that they never stop learning voice-over technique. While voice-over artists continue to develop their niche and hone their skills throughout their lifetimes, there are several transferable skills that musicians have that would give them a leg up on the competition before they even get started.

Musician have a great potential to become great voice-over artists for many reasons. First of all, many musicians have studied music in a way so that they understand pitch, attitude, volume and energy. While musicians employ these techniques to produce a different sound on their musical instruments or for a different style of music, the principles still apply to voice-overs. Professional voice-over artists must master those elements and know when to use more of one than the other, and even how to mix them up within a very short read.

Musicians often also have experience with technical equipment and are used to trouble shooting acoustics and sound proofing. If a voice actor can't capture a clean recording that's free of echoes and outside noises, the recording will be useless to a voice-over client. Many musicians have had some exposure to audio recording and editing programs, such as Pro Tools, which is the industry standard for the professional audio world. If a voice actor has an amazing voice but can't competently edit an audio file, then the voice actor will probably not be able to find much work. Furthermore, any skills that a musician learns to enhance their voice-over career will surely benefit their music career as well.

Musicians aren't risking anything by getting voice-over technique training. Getting into voice-overs is an easy way to supplement an income, and the best part is that most musicians wouldn't be required to buy extra equipment that they don't already have!

Nadel Paris is a songwriter, dancer and a published author. She began her professional career as a SAG/AFTRA agent and later started a successful acting school in Orange County, California. Her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban ...etc. Nadel owns a music institute and with her staff she has been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years.
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