Screenwriting Format Discussed by Nadel Paris

  • By Stanley T. Westfall
  • 22 Aug, 2017
Screenwriting is very much different from other types of literary works. It is all about technicalities, a good plot and an interesting dialogue rolled into one. Absence of one will bring your work to trash regardless of how one element or two elements are perfectly done and complied with. As such, knowledge of screenwriting format is a must.

To start with, your script has to comply with the most basic which is the technical aspect of screenwriting. Not just any font will do. Instead it has to be Courier 12-point font or none at all. Well, you just have to develop a liking for this font because you will be dealing with it for the rest of your screenwriting life.

An effective work must comply with the margins required in a screenwriting format. As such, the left margin has to be 1.5 inches while the right should be.5 inches. 1 each is required for both top and bottom. You might be wondering why the left margin is a lot wider than the right. The extra space will give more space for the brads to be inserted.

In as far as the dialogue is concerned; it has to be 2.5 inches from the left. Its width has to be 3 to 3.5 inches and must not exceed from the left by 6 inches. The character's name should also be written on top of the dialogue which should be about 3.7 inches above it. Such is the scriptwriting format to be observed. Accordingly, page numbers must be written at the upper right hand corner of each page. Spacing should be double.

Coming up with a script that conforms to the proper scriptwriting format can break or unbreak one's chances of making it good in the industry. In fact, production outfits and directors will judge your work on how you are able to comply with the proper format. One look at a script with a wrong format will only put your creativity and imagination to trash.

As such, it helps to be able to understand these technicalities. You have to practice as often as you can and have somebody critic your work every now and then. Eventually, you will just get used to scriptwriting format and its many intricacies.

Nadel Paris is a published author, recording artist, musician, music producer, and songwriter. Nadel has written numerous screenplays, but her first love is novel writing. Her expertise in young adult drama has allowed her to write captivating coming-of-age stories in both English and French. She is truly amazing at what she does. She is imaginative and keen observer which makes her a good writer.

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