Soothing Music Benefits Discussed by Nadel Paris

  • By Stanley T. Westfall
  • 23 Jun, 2017
Music has a direct effect on our mental being. It is a everyday fact that good soothing music or the types of music we like, lifts up our spirit whereas the music that we detest causes irritation. Either way, it is a proven fact that music greatly modifies our mental disposition. Hence, researchers and therapists have tried to use music for health benefits.

The mental condition has a direct bearing on our health condition. In fact, many of our ailments are the result of a stressed mental condition. So, the help of soothing music is being taken by the music therapists to alleviate many of our health related problems. Most of us experience a high level of alertness; if there sounds high beats around. On the contrary the slow, soothing music has a calming effect on us slowing down our heart rate. Hence, this type of music is being used to induce a relaxed feeling and free the body and mind from stress and depression. Even in some hospitals, music is being used to hasten up the healing process of patients. Clinical studies have shown that, even during pregnancy, music can be effective in reducing the anxieties and depression associated with it.

Apart from helping in the healing process, the music can also play a great role in our day to day life to make it fulfilling keeping stress at bay. It has been recommended by the music therapists to listen to soothing music while taking your meals, as it lessens the secretions of cortisol or the stress hormone. The reduction in the level of cortisol in the bloodstreams induces relaxation and helps to enjoy the food and make our body absorb the nutrients better.

Nadel Paris believes that listening to soothing music in the morning before we start our daily work has a positive effect on our being. It makes us more poised and mentally organized to start the day's work. In whichever field you work, starting the day with soothing music would make you mentally more attuned to look forward to the day.

Soothing music can also be used before going to bed in the night. In the present age, our lives have become hectic and stressful due to social, economical and emotional reasons. The race to remain on top has driven us to such an extent that, at times, we also find it difficult get a good night's sleep. Listening to soothing music at night calms our nerves making us relaxed, thereby inducing sleep.

Use of soothing music during meditation has an amazing effect on the body and soul. Music helps a lot during meditation and hence, for people who are starting to learn meditation, music is being used to induce the spell of meditation. Meditation, when done with the soothing music in the back ground, takes the body and mind to a higher level of consciousness.

Music has the power to enrich our lives. In order possess a healthy mind and body, we should utilize the benefits it offers, in making our life qualitatively better.

Nadel Paris is an American citizen born and raised in France. She is also an actor, an acting coach, a film/TV producer and the owner of the leading acting institution in personal growth for children.
Nadel has a voice which everyone remembers the minute they hear it! Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years.

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