Steps by Nadel Paris to Start Improving Your Singing

  • By Stanley T. Westfall
  • 13 Jun, 2017
Most beginners in singing are looking to find ways on improving their singing voice. The task for every singer is to look for effective ways to improve their voice either from a professional singing coach, through various singing software, online singing lessons, or based on your own research. Whatever sources you can get, make sure to utilize it and apply it to your singing. To help you on this matter, here are some simple guides by Nadel Paris a professional musician, for improving your singing voice.

1. Correct body position is the key to good voice projection. In order to have good voice projection, maintain the correct body posture. The breathing is traveling along the lungs and if the passage is blocked, the voice will not get out efficiently. Keep your arms away from the body. To allow the ribcage to expand and fill the lungs to capacity, clasp your hands in front and bring arms a bit forward in relaxed manner. Your voice will come out more strongly and clearly. For the feet, make a solid balance but still flexible by putting one foot out further than the other. Relax the shoulders and make sure to not force the chest to breathe in and out; it will only constrict the air flow. Enjoy the music, and dance with the rhythm by gently swaying the body along with the tune.

2. Learn the correct technique for hitting a high note. This is where the art of listening works by listening to your own voice. If you start singing sharp, the technique is to bring your arms down a little lower and slightly open your mouth a little bit wider by dropping the lower jaw. The wrong technique is to dip the chin toward your neck because it will only constrict the air flow. Mostly, the voice becomes sharp if you try to sing loud, just find the natural voice volume which is not forced.

3. Train the voice muscles right. The inner muscles of the larynx have to be trained correctly because it can strengthen the voice in order to sing a higher note. Practice correctly the various exercises in singing designed for strengthening the voice. Like for example, breathing exercises in singing are vital to adequately support singing higher pitch. You can check if you are doing the breathing correctly by simply placing your hand on your stomach and inhale. The stomach must be expanding and not the ribcage or chest. Support the breathing through your diaphragm and use your stomach and lower abdominal muscles to support the breathing. You can do sit-ups and crunches to strengthen abdominal areas to protect the voice.

4. Start it right by doing warm-up exercises before singing. No professional singers go to their singing event without any warm-up exercises or vocalization. The purpose is to concentrate and relax the body and muscles involved in singing. Starting from breathing, humming, and some scale work, before the actual singing.

5. Get some help from professionals or learn singing through singing software. A good teacher can help you to maximize your potential to the fullest. However, the major issue is the rate per hour of a singing coach, but this does not mean that you cannot improve your voice; you have the option to learn from singing lessons available online, or purchase one- time investment software for singing.

Nadel Paris is not just an amazing vocalist; she is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, actor, and a screenwriter. She has a voice which everyone remembers the minute they hear it! She has a warm very distinct sound. Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years.
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